ESRKS currently manages two Development Joint Venture platforms, ESRKS Development Joint Venture 1 (“DevJV1”) and ESRKS Development Joint Venture 2 (“DevJV2”). DevJV1 was vintaged in 2015 and has fully deployed its total equity commitment. A portion of the portfolio was divested in 2020 and 2021 with outstanding returns. DevJV2, the successor of DevJV1 with the same cornerstone investors, was vintaged in 2020 and is currently projected to have promising returns, much like DevJV1.


ESR Kendall Square’s primary value-add acquisition platform, Value-add Strategy Joint Venture (“Value-add JV”), was vintaged in 2018 with unlimited upsize potential. Since the JV’s inception, several of its assets were divested in 2020 to ESR Kendall Square REIT with above-market returns. ESR Kendall Square REIT, as a pure – play logistics REIT, was listed on the Korea Exchange in December 2020, and has since been the nation’s largest REIT. ESRKS-REIT leads the industry on the back of our extensive experience and expertise in logistics center development and operation. This not only enables the team to remain competitive in acquiring assets, but also allows the team to identify new growth drivers in maximizing returns for our investors. ESRKS-REIT will continue to grow as Korea’s leading logistics focused REIT and will target to deliver solid returns and maximize investment value of the portfolio by upsizing the AUM and enhancing the value of the portfolio.


ESR Kendall Square is the only major developer in Korea with a full capacity in-house leasing team. By directly engaging with the tenants, our in-house leasing team is much better equipped in addressing the tenants’ needs while maximizing the leasing capacity of our managed properties. Since our in-house lease team started their significant involvement in the properties during the design and construction phases, they have extensive and first hand knowledge of the properties compared to the third party leasing agents. Our in-house leasing team has leased our assets to 87 different global and local tenants in the last five years.

Leasing Inquiries

Asset management

Unlike many other developer/asset managers, ESR Kendall Square carry out the asset and property management in-house. Similar to the in-house leasing team, the in-house asset management team start getting involved in the properties during the design and construction stage and take over the asset management as soon as the construction is complete.

Fund Raising and Management

Our Group’s investment vehicles, such as PFV, REF, and REIT, invest in prime logistics centers and manage the entire fund cycle. In particular, our fund team has a track record of raising large-scale funds from major investors and provides optimal fund solutions through its expertise and relationship management.