Our Approach to ESG

Reflecting ESG factors throughout the asset life cycle, from developing logistics centers to operating them
ESR Kendall Square is committed to the sustainable management of all its assets. This includes reflecting ESG factors in their entire asset life
cycle, from their development to their actual operation, including site selection, design, and construction. ESG, which is an abbreviation of
Environmental, Social, and Governance, refers to non-financial essential prerequisites for sustainable corporate development. ESR Kendall
Square is committed to increasing long-term values by putting ESG values at the forefront of its management activities and managing ESG risks
in order to have a positive impact both on the environment and on its stakeholders.

Eco-friendly Assets

We are focusing our abilities on creating
and managing eco-friendly assets in order
to create a sustainable future and
environment because we are not happy
with our existing performance.

- Sustainable & Efficient Operations
- Sustainable Building Certifications
- Climate Change Resilience
- Biodiversity and Habitat Protection
- Flexible & Adaptable Properties
- Strategic Locations

Human Centric

In order to create a sustainable future and
environment, we are focusing our talents on
environmentally friendly asset management.
By doing this, we hope to coexist and prosper
with the tenants, local communities,
employees, and other stakeholders of ESR

- Safety, Health & Well-being
- Diversity & Inclusion
- Community Investment
- Managing & Developing Talent
- Stakeholder Engagement

Corporate Governance

We are boosting business value and
maximizing shareholder value based on open
governance and responsible management.

- Financial Performance
- Investor Relations
- Responsible Investing & Finance
- Corporate Governance
- Risk Management
- Disclosure & Reporting

ESG Targets & Achievements

ESR Kendall Square has been participating in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Developer evaluations since 2017, and was awarded a first place standing in the Asian Warehouses Category in 2018, 2020, and 2021. In addition, our outstanding efforts to minimize environmental impacts during the development and operation of logistics centers led to our winning a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design global eco-friendly building certification. We also obtained a WELL Gold rating certification, a first among logistics centers in Asia to improve the health and well-being of our tenants.
Our continuing efforts to ensure the safety of our lessees by reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other diseases also resulted in our acquiring a WELL Health Safety Rating. This was another first for a South Korean logistics company. Obtained WELL V2 GOLD Rating Certification Obtained WELL Health-Safety Rating Certification Obtained LEED BD+C GOLD Rating Certification
Bucheon Logistics Park
Obtained WELL GOLD and LEED GOLD certifications, both firsts in the Asia-Pacific region


We endeavor to include ESG factors in the entire life cycle of all our assets to ensure eco-friendly management. They include ESG due diligence evaluations, climate change risk investigations, and sustainable building certifications.

People & Culture

ESR Kendall Square aims to coexist with all stakeholders, including employees, the community, and tenants.
Participated in the social contribution program ‘Happiness Box’ packaging
ESR KendallSquare participated in the “Happiness Box” packaging program, a social contribution program initiated by SK Group to address the issue of malnourished children. Together with the “Happiness Alliance,” a social contribution coalition, the company carefully selected nutritious snacks and various products to pack in the “Happiness Boxes.” Through the Happiness Alliance, ESR KendallSquare delivered these boxes to 600 underprivileged children nationwide who were at risk of malnutrition. The company plans to continue sharing warmth with marginalized neighbors in the future.

Conducted plogging at Yeouido Park

As part of its ESG efforts, ESR KendallSquare conducted a “plogging” activity in the Yeouido Park area, which involved light jogging and trash collection. This combined activity aims to protect the environment and promote health. Many employees of ESR KendallSquare participated in this activity. In the future, the company plans to continue various ESG activities to promote environmental management practices that prioritize the well-being of the planet and its ecosystems.


We have established environmental and anti-corruption policies and guidelines to demonstrate our commitment to ESG management. In addition, we strengthen our ESG management programs and policies by continuously developing new ESG strategies and plans.